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Multi-pet insurance allows you to insure more than one pet under the same policy. You are essentially buying insurance in bulk and you will receive a discount for doing so whilst also saving time and effort on renewal and admin by having all pets covered under one policy.

The policies can still be very separate, with different claim limits and previous medical conditions, but you benefit by having both policies under the same roof.

So if you have more than one dog or cat, or maybe one of each, you can apply for a multi-pet policy online with Forces Compare.

Forces Compare can help you search through up to 15 different UK providers to find covers that best suit your circumstances. Our online form can be completed in a matter of minutes and will provide you with no obligation quotes.

Key Features

  • Search up to 15 UK providers for free.
  • Immediate results with no obligation.
  • Older pets eligible, however within limits – with dogs and cats this is typically 8 years old.
  • Cover your pets for vet treatments, death through accidental illness or injury and more.
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What Kind of Discount Can I Get on Multi-Pet Insurance?

You will find that the majority of multi-pet insurance policies give you discount for every additional pet added to one policy. This is typically calculated in one of the following ways:

  • A percentage discount for each animal added after the first, typically 10%.
  • A fixed amount, typically £12.

How to Find the Right Multi-Pet Insurance Policy

If you would like to get a multiple pet insurance policy, then you should consider the following:

  • Always make sure you have verified what each policy includes (including treatments and pre-existing conditions).
  • Look for quotes online that allow you to get cover for all your animals and give you a discount too.
  • Still look at getting quotes for separate policies with two different insurers and then compare the cost as it may work out cheaper.
  • Pick the policy that gives you the most amount of cover for the best price.

Multi-Pet Insurance FAQs

Does each pet have a separate claim limit?

Yes, every pet in the policy will have its own claim limit. For example, if you have an insurance cover of £5,000 for vet treatment fees, that means you will be able to claim for this amount for each pet.

What will multi-pet insurance cover?

This type of cover will provide the same financial protection as is typical with an individual pet insurance policy. This includes:

  • Vet treatment fees.
  • The death of your pet through accidental injury or illness, usually up to an age limit.
  • If your pet is lost, stolen or runs away.

Can I add or remove pets to a multi-pet insurance policy?

Yes it is usually possible to do so, but you will need to contact your insurer directly if you need to do this.

What if one of my pets in my multi-pet insurance policy dies?

You will be required to contact your insurer, as they will remove the pet from the policy and the cost of your cover will also be adjusted, even if a claim is made.

Is multi-pet insurance always cheaper?

Not necessarily, it is still worth looking at individual insurance policies for each pet you have in case it works out cheaper to have separate policies. See cat insurance and dog insurance for more information.

How many pets can I insure with a multi-pet insurance policy?

This can vary from insurer to insurer but generally speaking the limit is usually set between six and ten pets in total.

Is it possible to insure different pets under a multi-pet insurance policy?

Yes, but you may find that many insurers only provide cover for dogs and cats under one policy.

Can I get multi-pet insurance for older pets?

Yes, but it may be more expensive, and there may be a maximum age limit. For dogs and cats, this is usually up to eight years old.

Is it possible to get multi-pet insurance if my animals have medical conditions?

Many insurers will not provide cover for pets with existing medical conditions. However, there are some insurers who do provide cover if your pet has been symptomless for a certain period of time, usually at least a minimum of two years.

How do I make a claim on my multi-pet insurance policy?

To make a claim for one of your pets, you will need to obtain a claims insurance form from your insurer and send it back to them completed with supporting documentation for your claim.

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