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Do you give professional advice? Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect you from any legal action or claims from a client. Get a personalised quote from our partners at Get Indemnity, starting from just £26.38 per month.

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Professional indemnity insurance or “PI cover” can offer you vital protection if you give professional advice for a living.

While we always have the best intentions when giving out expert advice, there is always the possibility of something going wrong for the client which may lead to a financial loss or personal damage to the individual.

Professional indemnity provides cover so that you can defend any legal action or compensation claims from a client. With up to £10 million per year in cover, you have sufficient means to pay for any potential compensation or losses to your business.

Forces Compare is working with Get Indemnity, a broker for the whole of the market who can help you find a personalised quote and get the best rates according to your requirements.

With rates starting from just £26.83 per month, simply click the “Get Started” button to find the right policy for you.

Key Features

  • Quotes starting from £26.83 per month or £332 per year.
  • Personalised and tailored quotes.
  • Available for anyone giving expert advice, from dentists and doctors to architects and developers.
  • Can cover the cost of legal fees, loss of income, compensation to the customer and more.
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Who is Professional Indemnity For?

If you give expert advice as part of your job, having professional indemnity is essential including:

  • Dentists and doctors.
  • Lawyers and accountants.
  • Financial advisers.
  • Marketing consultants.
  • Business strategists.
  • Architects, builders and developers.
  • Designers and retailers.

How Can Forces Compare Help Me?

Forces Compare has teamed up with an award-winning broker, Get Indemnity, who specialises in professional indemnity insurance as their main product.

After working with thousands of companies already, they are in the prime position to help you find the best PI cover for you. We can facilitate policies for all kinds of professions and those giving expert advice, whether you are in the military and working on the side, a veteran or a civvy like everyone else. You do not have to be in the army or have served in order to access our services and best rates.

What Does Professional Indemnity Cover Include?

Your professional indemnity insurance will pay for several things relating to a claim from a customer, including:

  • Legal fees, claims and expenses.
  • Loss of income.
  • Compensation to the customer.
  • Business interruption.
  • Repair or damage costs.
  • Medical bills.
  • Expert advice to assist.

Your claim may be as a result of:

Professional negligence: A mistake in any paperwork, calculations or research and providing poor advice as a result – which causes a loss or damage to the customer. If you have been found negligent, the customer has the right to request compensation.
Loss of documents or data: If you are responsible for any key information or documents and lose this on behalf of a client, they may take legal action.
Breach of copyright or confidentiality: If you are acting on behalf of a client and share private information without their permission, this may be subject to a claim.
Defamation: If you speak ill of a client or competitor, you may be taken to court on defamation charges.

Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance Important?

Professional indemnity insurance is essential for many professions, especially when your expert advice is responsible for somebody’s health or financial wellbeing.

Although we train to be professionals in our field, there are a lot of factors which make things uncertain, especially in areas such as medicine, financial markets and advertising. Over the course of our careers, we are likely to stumble upon an unhappy client or a business arrangement that did not work out as expected.

It only takes one disgruntled client to request legal action and you can find yourself in a difficult position, incurring large legal fees, court fees and paying out a huge settlement.

With effective professional indemnity cover in place, you have peace of mind knowing that you will be protected financially from any legal claims.

Rather than risking your personal income and your entire business, your policy can help pay for some important costs and limit the interruption to your business.

How Much Cover is Included in a Policy?

Professional indemnity insurers typically offer cover ranging from £50,000 to £10 million per year. The amount of cover available will depend on the size of your business, the potential risk and cost of a potential claim.

Larger organisations may be able to access even higher amounts of cover, based on the risks they pose.

To get a personalised quote, simply click on the button below and you will be taken to our partner at Get Indemnity to get you started. Policies start from £26.83 per month (around £332 per year) – and we can find the perfect cover for you today.

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