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Comparing different providers is a great way to find the deals best suited to you. Forces Compare have partnered with Quotezone, who have access to more than 50 providers to help customers find the home insurance policy right for them, at a great price. Click the “Get Started” button below to start your quote with our trusted partner.

Your home is likely to be one of the biggest financial purchases you’ll make during your lifetime, so it makes sense to protect it should any damages arise. Whilst you may be set on wanting to protect your home with insurance, it can often be tricky to know where to start with these types of policies.

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Do I Really Need Home Insurance?

To ensure that their investment is protected, the majority of mortgage lenders out there will insist that homeowners take out buildings cover.

Although many lenders will insist such cover, home insurance is not legally required. However, it’s always good to be protected should anything happen to your home, as one day you may really need it.

What is Included in Home Insurance?

In the UK, home insurance is typically used to refer to house and buildings insurance and contents insurance. These are two separate policies, however both serve the same general purpose – to cover a property for certain types of damages and/or losses.

House and Buildings Insurance: cover includes, as the name suggests, the house, any and all fixtures and fittings as well as outbuildings. It’s worth noting that not all policies will cover such features of a house as gates, driveways, fences or swimming pools. Therefore it’s important to check exactly what a policy covers before taking it on. Other utilities include washing machines, solar panels, dishwashers, boilers, water tanks and more.

Contents: cover includes all of the homeowner’s possessions within the property. For example, all of the things they would take with them if they moved house.

Whilst these are some of the covers offered by the most basic home insurance policies, there are a range of other cover options available. Find out the cover options available to you with our partners by visiting this page.

Home insurance policies can vary, however, the majority will cover for loss and damages caused by the following circumstances:

  • Subsidence, heave or landslip.
  • Floods and storms.
  • Fire.
  • Lightening.
  • Earthquake.
  • Malicious damage.
  • Theft of property (or damaged due to attempted theft).
  • Falling trees/branches.
  • Leaking pipes and water tanks.
  • Heating system oil leaks.
  • Impact from vehicle, aircraft or animal.

What Type of Home Insurance Do I Need?

The type of home insurance you’ll need will depend on your own personal circumstances. For example, if you have a mortgage and your mortgage provider requires you to take out buildings insurance, you’ll need to have this type of cover put in place.

Contents cover can be a great cover to consider, helping to protect some of the most valuable possessions in your home.

Anything that would be taken with you when moving house should be included in a contents insurance policy. It’s worth going round your entire home and noting down everything that you believe holds reasonable value, as this can help to reduce your risk of being underinsured with this type of policy.

If you are renting your home from a landlord, it is not your responsibility to take out buildings insurance. Only the property’s owner can take out buildings insurance. However, for tenants, it may be worth considering contents insurance to ensure that valuable possessions are properly protected.

Do I Need Home Insurance if I Rent My Home?

As previously mentioned, if you are renting your home, you will not be responsible for taking out buildings insurance – your landlord will have to deal with buildings insurance to ensure the property is protected.

However, as a tenant, you will still be responsible for your possessions inside the property. Contents insurance could help to protect your valuable possessions if something were to happen to them. Without this type of insurance, you would be responsible for covering the cost of replacements for your possessions.

Don’t I Need to Get Home Insurance With My Mortgage Provider?

Not necessarily. You don’t have to take out home insurance with your mortgage provider unless they’ve specified it as a requirement in your contract with them.

If this is not a requirement for you, there are a range of different insurance providers you can explore. As previously mentioned, our partner Quotezone can help you search up to 50 different providers to find cover that’s right for you.

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