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Forces Compare has partnered with Forces Solutions, Forces Solutions are one of the specialist Forces Insurance providers that can scrutinise the market to find the insurance products that fit with your needs at the price you want to pay.

This means that they source you some of the leading providers and offer you the best advice and recommendations for you and your family.

Members of the Armed Forces can have restrictions on their insurances or in some cases premiums increase due to the nature of their job. Therefore, they have made this process uncomplicated & have already conducted the necessary research before they speak with you.

They continuously update their selected providers when new products and improved changes are delivered to the insurance market and is crucial for Military personnel and their families to have an informed choice when it comes to selecting their life/illness provider.

Forces Solutions have built strong relationships with these providers and they are continually evaluating their suitability for those serving in HM forces to ensure you are covered when it matters the most!

When thinking about your life and illness cover it is important you discuss it with a military insurance representative to give you that piece of mind that you are covered under your current job role; they can advise you on imminent deployment and ensure your cover and monthly premium is suitable to your needs and your current expenditure.

It is crucial that the insurance is fit for purpose for the soldier and their civilian/serving partner or spouse. Find military life insurance to suit your needs with our trusted partner Forces Solutions.


What Is Military Life Insurance?

Put simply, military life insurance is a type of life insurance that accommodates to the unique circumstances of those in the armed forces. Due to the nature of a job in the military, many insurance providers will impose restrictions or increase premiums for serving applicants. Certain providers have recognised the struggles military members face when taking out life insurance, and have specialised in finding the best insurance products to meet their demands, at a price that’s right for them.

You can find great deals on military life insurance through Forces Compare, simply click the button below to get a quote on the best deals for you.

Why you need Military Life Insurance

Life insurance is simply a way of ensuring your loved ones are taken care of financially should you pass away. A good way to determine whether or not you need Life Insurance is to ask yourself 2 simple questions

Would my dependants be financially stable on their own in making certain payments, such as the mortgage or daily expenses?

Would my death have a financial impact on my family including my partner and children?


Why you would need Illness Cover?

The cover is designed for Military personnel and their families who want to provide financial support for their dependents if they are diagnosed with a specified illness. It can be used to contribute towards paying back a debt, like a mortgage or loan, or help provide financial support during and after their illness or injury, such as helping with their rehabilitation or moving forward in a your career with a life changing illness. Questions to ask yourself & your family

If I were to suffer a serious illness would this impact my ability to pay for mine or my families day to day living costs if I was unable to work?

If I were to leave the armed forces as a result of a serious illness would my family be able to survive without my income?

If my partner was unable to work due to a serious illness would that effect our ability to look after our children?


Other considerations

  • Gives Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Knowing your loved ones will be financially protected should anything happen to you
  • You can get cover at a set amount so if you only wanted to cover a set amount like the value of your mortgage
  • Cover can be increased or decreased (Subject to Underwriting)
  • With your Military lifestyle you can be covered if you are deployed
  • You could be on cover as soon as you apply (Subject to Underwriting)
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