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Military car insurance (for those currently serving)Veteran car insurance (not suitable for driving on Military bases)

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Forces Compare has partnered with Quotezone to offer price comparison for the whole car insurance market. Enter a few basic details and in less than 5 minutes you will have access to quotes from hundreds of leading car insurance companies.

Your personalised quote takes into account your claims history, voluntary excess and security features to give you the most competitive price possible.

There are no fees for applying and no obligation to proceed – simply enter your details online to get a free personalised quotation today.

Key Features

  • We compare over 100+ brands.
  • You could save up to £200*.
  • Get a quote in less than 5 minutes.
  • We can find great car insurance prices for motorists – including learner drivers, students and in those in their 60s and 70s.
  • You could receive cover in 24 hours from applying.
Veteran car insurance (not suitable for driving on Military bases)

Do I Actually Need Car Insurance?

Yes, insurance is legally required if you have a road worthy vehicle. However, car insurance is more than just a legal obligation, it also helps to provide financial protection if you were to have an accident.

Car insurance can help to cover the injuries of others involved in an accident, including the passengers in your car, other drivers and pedestrians.

For those driving on UK roads, you will have to have a minimum third party insurance put in place. This type of cover has been compulsory for 90 years, first introduced through the 1930 Road Traffic Act.

Whilst third party insurance is required by law, it’s not the only level of cover you can get, or may even want, for your car. There are a range of different levels of cover available to choose from that can provide you with all the protections of third party cover and more.

What Happens if I Get Caught Driving Without Car Insurance?

Driving without car insurance can fetch some pretty hefty punishments, including six points on your license and a £300 fixed penalty. If the matter is taken to court, you could also be facing disqualification from driving entirely, and an unlimited fine.

Driving uninsured also means you aren’t financially protected if you get into an accident. This could leave you with significant expenses if involved in an accident, as well as the penalties applied due to driving without insurance.

Can I Insure Myself on Someone Else’s Car?

Yes, you can get insured to drive someone else’s car. Many people get insured on cars owned by their parents, their spouse or their employer. There are a range of different ways you can go about insuring yourself on someone else’s car, including the following:

  • Being insured to drive other cars through your existing car insurance policy.
  • Getting added as a named driver on the policy of the car owner.
  • Buying your very own car insurance policy for someone else’s car.

When getting insured on someone else’s car, you will have to inform the insurer that you do not own the car in question. In addition to this, you will also typically have to provide details about the owner of the car, and your relationship to them.

Some insurers will only allow you to be insured on someone else’s car in certain situations. These can include the following circumstances:

  • The owner is your spouse.
  • The owner is your employer.
  • The owner is one of your parents.

It’s common for insurers to assume that you hold one of the relationships listed above with the car owner. If you aren’t asked to provide such details about the owner of the vehicle, it’s important to read the terms of the policy to see if you meet the criteria before applying.


What Are The Different Types of Policies Available?

Third party only – this gives you the minimum requirement to drive a vehicle legally in the UK and covers other people on the road that you come into contact with (including drivers and pedestrians), but does not provide any cover for you or your vehicle.

Third party, fire, flood and theft – in addition to the third party cover, this also covers your vehicle for any damages and replacements relating to fire, flood and theft.

Fully comprehensive – this is the highest level of cover available for car insurance and covers theft, any damage to your vehicle from third parties, fire or floods and any personal injuries to you too.

Many will think that fully comprehensive is the most expensive and third party is the cheapest – but this is not always the case.

Insurers have realised that riskier drivers sometimes opt for third party because it is cheaper, but because the claims are usually higher, nowadays you will pay less to be insured with a fully comprehensive policy.

What Information Do You Need To Apply for Car Insurance?

  • Name, age, address, contact details.
  • Details of driver’s license.
  • Vehicle model, make, value and registration.
  • Any previous claims history.
  • Any previous insurance information.

How Soon Can I Get Cover?

You can typically complete your car insurance application and receive cover within 24 hours of applying.

Do I Need Car Insurance Even if I Don’t Drive?

Maybe. You might still need car insurance even if you’re not driving your vehicle. There’s legislation known as Continuous Insurance Enforcement, which means owners must keep their vehicle insured even when they’re not driving it. This will be the case unless the vehicle owner has made a SORN, or Statutory Off Road Notification.

If you haven’t made a SORN, and also do not have your vehicle properly insured, you run the risk of penalties. If the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) finds out that an owner’s car is uninsured and does not have a SORN, the owner will be sent an Insurance Advisory Letter. This letter will provide details on what to do next in order to avoid the DVLA taking action.

Why Should I Use Forces Compare for Car Insurance?

We set up to help the armed forces and military to get the best car insurance quotes possible, but after much demand, we have been able to offer our products for all people in the UK, military and non-military. Through Forces Compare, you can now easily find insurance for military personnel, as well as veterans and civilians.

We have access to the whole market which is ideal when you want to compare car insurance and get the best rates.

We are a completely free and impartial service and have partnerships with the largest insurers in the UK to get you the cover that you need.

*51% of consumers could save £264. Seopa split the providers on their comparison systems into different categories. They then selected quotes from the high volume sales providers as well as quotes from other providers which returned a price. Based on UK insurance market share data made available by the ABI, by way of a weighted selection process, they selected the cheapest of either the high volume sales providers or other providers (“the cheapest selected quote”). They then compared the cheapest quote on their system against the cheapest selected quote. They then took the savings figure which 51% or over could have saved using that formula. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

Veteran car insurance (not suitable for driving on Military bases)

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