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If you have purchased something from a catalogue company such as Littlewoods, Very or Freemans, it is possible that you have been offered a store credit card or Shop Now, Pay Later to help you purchase some clothes, household items or goods. 

However, there have been many cases where catalogue companies have not always carried out proper affordability checks and consumers have received credit limits that they cannot afford. Many people have struggled to make repayments and have had to use additional loans to meet their catalogue repayments or have subsequently fallen into debt.

But now, if you want to make a catalogue finance claim, Forces Compare is here to help. You could be eligible for thousands of pounds in refunds from catalogue credit companies and you can check your eligibility with us for free in just 5 minutes.

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Which Catalogue Credit Companies Can I Claim From?

JD Williams
Shop Direct Finance Company
Simply Be

In Partnership with


Catalogue Finance Claims - What’s it all about?

A lot of UK households have purchased daily items through catalogues including clothes, electronics, kitchen items, gifts, toys and more. Whilst you can usually buy these products upfront, there is always an option to purchase these using different credit options, including catalogue credit cards or Shop Now, Pay Later. 

These financial options can often seem appealing to spread repayment and come with other incentives such as discounts or points, but they can be very expensive ways to buy goods and a lot of people have fallen into the trap of overpaying for products and getting into debt, whilst catalogue companies were not carrying out sufficient checks.

“The interest rates charged by catalogue firms are very high, with some charging as much as 50% APR. If you have struggled to repay, you can now submit a claim with Forces Compare and get this refunded back to you.”

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Catalogue Credit Account Claims and Refunds

Catalogue firms offer a service called a ‘credit account’ which means that you do not have to pay anything upfront for an item, but you are sent a monthly statement with details of what you owe and the minimum repayment. 

With rates of around 20% to 50% APR, this is an expensive way to purchase any everyday item and is more on par with the interest rates charged to people with very bad credit histories.

If you were to purchase £850 worth of goods using a JD Williams credit account and spread repayment over 12 months, you would pay a total of £1,014.98, with 39.9% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Customers are offered minimum payment, but will be charged £12 each month that they miss one.

In addition, customers are often given credit limits on their accounts without any formal checks such as proof of income, credit checking or affordability. For example, Littlewoods offer a catalogue credit card with a limit up to £1,500 – and customers may not be able to afford this financially.

Shop Now, Pay Later Claims

With Shop Now, Pay Later, you can buy items and delay repayments for up to 12 months. If you have not fully paid the amount by this date, you will be charged a high interest rate, including 39.9% (Fashionworld) and 44.9% (Next and Littlewoods).

If you were caught in a position struggling to repay, the interest can quickly start to add up and for many customers, they have had to use additional loans to clear their debts.

Your Claim Is In Good Hands


We have partnered with Allegiant Finance Services Ltd to help process your claim. The company was founded in 2013 and has successfully clawed back over £50m in financial mis-selling claims to date.

Am I Eligible for a Catalogue Finance Claim?

Yes, you may be eligible for catalogue compensation if you have purchased any items from the following companies through any of their finance schemes:

Fashionworld, Freemans, Isme, Jacamo, JD Williams, Littlewoods, Kaleidoscope, Marisota, Next, Shop Direct Finance Company, Simply Be, Very

  • You had trouble repaying your catalogue finance and incurred penalties and late fees
  • You felt the application process was too fast and you were accepted without real checks
  • You were pressured into taking a line of credit or catalogue credit account
  • You were offered multiple catalogue credit accounts despite being unable to afford them
  • You took out additional loans to help you pay off your catalogue debt
  • You missed a number of payments and have suffered mentally and financially
  • Your credit limit was increased without sufficient affordability checks

Why Are The Rates Charged by Catalogue Finance Firms?

Jacamo 39.9%
Fashionworld 39.9%
Littlewood 34.9%
Marisota 39.9%
Freemans 39.9%
Very 34.9%
Next 23.9%
JD Williams 39.9%
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How Much Could I Receive from a Catalogue Finance Claim?

With the help of Forces Compare you could potentially claim back thousands of pounds in compensation back from catalogue orders that you could not afford. 

With such high interest rates charged and overly generous credit limits, it is very easy to rack up hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of debt from catalogue companies, especially with the ease of ordering products in-store or online.

With a successful catalogue finance reclaim, you can have the entire interest, penalties and additional charges refunded to you – and this could be several hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Why Should I Claim Catalogue Finance Compensation?

A lot of people find themselves in debt from catalogue companies and many people think it is their fault and blame themselves. But the reality is that consumers have been offered very generous sums, without any real checks, so it is a very easy trap to fall into.

With a very strong success rate, we are in a great position to help you with your claim and it could reimburse you with several hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Why Should I Use Forces Compare for Littlewoods, Very and Freemans Claims?

  • Cancel For Free (Success Fee Applies To Any Offer We Secure Before Cancellation)
  • Free to Apply
  • Quick Response and High Uphold Rate

How The Process Works

allegiant procedure

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