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Work with the general public? Public Liability is essential to protect your business from any potential lawsuits. Get a personalised quote from our partners at Get Indemnity™ starting from just £7.88 per month.

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Public liability insurance will protect your business for any potential lawsuits or compensation claims if a customer has been injured at your workplace or your business activity has caused damage to someone else’s property.

In busy work environments like stores, hospitals or construction sites, there is always the risk that someone has an accident and will hold your company responsible, making you liable for any costs.

In the event that the victim takes you to court or requests a large settlement, having public liability insurance in place can be essential to avoid any large payouts and interruption to your business.

At Forces Compare, we have teamed up with the award-winning Get Indemnity™ to provide you with an instant quote, starting from just £7.33 per month or £800 per year. Simply click the button below to get started today.

Key Features

  • Personalised and tailored quotes.
  • Quotes starting from £7.88 per month or £800 per year.
  • No obligation and free to apply.
  • Available for storefronts, commercial parks, schools, hotels, hospitals and more.
  • Can cover legal expenses and court fees, compensation to the victim, damages/repairs to the workplace and more.
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Who is Public Liability For?

  • Storefronts – retail and restaurants.
  • Commercial parks and theme parks.
  • Hotels, schools, hospitals, clinics.
  • Construction firms.
  • Taxi companies.
  • Delivery companies.

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover Me For?

  • Legal expenses and court fees.
  • Compensation to the victim.
  • Medical fees to the victim.
  • Business interruption and loss of income.
  • Any repairs or damages to the workplace.
  • Bad PR and the costs to overcome this.

Examples of Public Liability Claims

For individuals:

Scenario 1: A customer walks into your busy clothes store and slips on a wet floor and sprains their ankle. The customer requests financial compensation for any medical bills, personal damages and loss of income if they cannot work.

Scenario 2: You run a restaurant and one of the customers sits on their chair and it falls to the ground. The customer complains of back pain and is seeking legal action for medical bills and compensation.

For property or items:

Scenario 1: You work in the construction business and one of the roof tiles falls off and damages the neighbour’s car. The neighbour is now requesting compensation to fix the car and any travel costs whilst it is being fixed.

Scenario 2: You run a taxi company and one of your drivers knocks over an important sign. The council will hold you responsible and request payment for it to be repaired.

How Much Public Liability Insurance Cover is Available?

The amount of public liability cover ranges from £1 million to £10 million per year, although this will depend on the size of your company and the potential risks that you pose. For some organisations, their public liability cover could be worth as much as £100 million or more.

If your place of work is in the public sector, such as a school, medical facility or charity, it is expected to have at least £5 million worth of cover each year.

When you apply for public liability cover, our insurance partners will take various factors into consideration including:

  • The size of your company.
  • The amount of people you come into contact with.
  • Historical claims.
  • The cost of a potential claim.

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance for My Company?

If you work with the general public or come into contact with people on a daily basis, it is highly recommended to have some form of public liability in place.

For a relatively low monthly investment, the savings to your business could be enormous, especially if you can avoid any legal action or large compensation claims.

If you do not have cover in place and face a potential lawsuit, it could majorly disrupt your business and affect your ability to run smoothly in the future.


How Much Will Public Liability Insurance Cost Me?

Public liability insurance is very affordable, starting from just £7.33 per month or £800 per year for basic cover. For large organisations, it is common to pay several thousands of pounds per year, especially if you have heavy machinery, work on-site or have numerous customers everyday. However, at a basic level for SMEs, it is very cheap and practical.

What is Not Included in Public Liability Cover?

Any damages inflicted upon your own employees are not included in public liability, since this will be covered by your employers liability insurance policy.

In addition, any damage to your own premises, machinery or products will need to be covered by separate policies.


How Can I Get a Quote From Forces Compare?

Getting a cheap public liability insurance quote from Forces Compare is simple. We have partnered with Get Indemnity™ who act as a broker for the whole of the market and can provide you with tailored quotes for your business today.

Click on the “Get Started” button to be taken to their application form. Here you can fill in a few details and requirements to get a personal quote today.

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