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Forces Compare is an independent search engine that specializes in comparing quotes for insurance to meet your requirement from a select group of highly reputable insurance specialists.

You Serve, We Search, You Save.

Our mission is to make sure you get the insurance you need for great coverage at great rates.

We have partnered with insurance comparison experts Quotezone allowing our users are able to access 100’s of quotes upon completing one simple form.

With the option to browse and learn more about individual policies and providers in one comprehensive platform, customers are able to make the most informed opinion on their insurance policies.



In addition to helping you to save time and money on your insurance policies, our professional partners at Forces Compare can also assist you with the following claims.

  • Payday Loan Refunds
  • Military Tax Refunds
  • MOD Housing Claims
  • Flight Delay Claims
  • MOD legal services

Let us make your search easier when it comes to Insurance

Car insurance
Motor Finance

Are you looking for motor financial support?

The team at MK Military Finance are specifically on hand to help serving members of the Armed Forces. With over 3000 cars available, and 16 branches around the UK they couldn’t be better equipped to help you purchase your new car.

Military Mortgages

Mortgage Squared is a friendly, family-run mortgage broker, specialising in mortgage and protection advice for the armed forces, whether you serve in the British Army, Royal Navy, RAF, Reserves or even a Veteran.


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