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Compare cat insurance using our comparison table and find the best cover for your friendly feline. Whether you have a kitten, tabby or a moggy, having the best pet insurance cover in place can give you peace of mind in case your beloved pet gets sick, requires treatment or goes missing.

It is not compulsory by law to have cat insurance, but being able to access fast treatment for your pet can help them get the medical attention they deserve – and if it ends up becoming very expensive, you could find that a lot of treatment, physiotherapy and overnight stays are covered by your insurance.

Key Features

  • Search up to 15 UK providers for free.
  • Immediate results with no obligation.
  • Cost-determining factors include: your cat’s breed, age and medical history.
  • Cat insurance policies include Lifetime Cover, Time-Limited Pet Insurance and Accident-Only Cat Insurance.
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Types of Cat Insurance Policies

There are four main categories of cat insurance, all providing different levels of cover. These are:

  • Time limited policies: Covers for a limited time.
  • Accident only policies: Covers vet bills when your cat has an accident.
  • Lifetime policies: A premium policy for an unlimited time.
  • Maximum benefit policies: Allows you to claim year after year for the same condition, but it has a maximum limit.

Why Forces Compare?

Forces Compare can help you find great deals on cat insurance from up to 15 different providers. We’ll help find the cover that’s right for you. Our comparison site is free to use and will provide you with instant, no obligation results.

While originally set up to help those in the armed forces get the best deals on insurance and finance options, our services can also be used by veterans and civilians. Compare a range of covers for your cat today with Forces Compare.

What Does Cat Insurance Cover?

Cat insurance covers the following circumstances:

Vet Treatment: One of the main things that cat insurance can cover you for is vet treatment fees, so you can claim back the cost of any vet bills you have been charged for.

Cat insurance policies typically cover:

  • Illness.
  • Accidental injury.
  • Physiotherapy (only if referred by a vet).

With certain policies offering up to £12,000 a year worth of cover, you’re usually advised to get as much cover as you can.

Death of Pet: Many cat insurance policies will provide cover if your pet needs to be put to sleep by a vet due to an accident or illness.

Try to find a policy that provides either the current market value or the purchase price of your cat.

Lost and Found Cover: It is possible to get cat insurance that will pay you the purchase price of your animal if they go missing due to being stolen or running away. You will need to report the cat missing to the police.

When looking at insurance cover, aim to find an insurer who will be willing to pay the purchase price, as well as up to £2,000 for the cost of advertising or a reward.

Boarding Fees: If you the owner need to go into hospital or care, this insurance policy can pay for a cattery to look after your cat whilst you are unable to care for them.

Currently the maximum level of cover is approximately £1,500 for boarding fees – and again it is recommended to try get the maximum possible.

Foreign Travel Cover: Take your cat away with you, you can get vet fees covered so you can seek medical attention overseas. You can get cover for up to £2,000 worth of vet treatments.

Cat Insurance FAQs

Does cat insurance include complementary treatments following an injury?

Yes, some cat insurance policies will provide cover for homeopathy, osteopathy, hydrotherapy or acupuncture if your cat needs these treatments following an injury or accident.

Do cat insurance policies include dental treatment?

No, dental treatment for cats is not always included, so you should always check the terms and conditions of any cat insurance policy you are considering carefully if you would like this type of cover in your policy.

Can I claim for the advertising of a lost cat?

Yes, many insurers who provide cat insurance also will allow you to claim the cost of advertising for your lost cat.

When do most cat insurance policies pay out for boarding fees?

Typically, insurers will only be willing to pay out if you have been in hospital for at least four days.

Can I claim if a friend or family member has to look after my cat when I’m ill?

Yes, but not all insurers will pay out if a friend or family has to look after your cat whilst you are in hospital, so always check the terms and conditions.

Can cat insurance cover the cost of pet repatriation or holiday cancellation?

Yes, it is possible for cat insurance to cover the cost of repatriation or holiday cancellation if your cat becomes seriously ill when you are abroad.

Can I get cat insurance if my pet has a medical condition?

It may be much more difficult to find cover, as not all insurers will cover cats with medical conditions. If they do, it may be considerably more expensive.

Are there any exemptions to death cover with cat insurance policies?

Yes, some insurers may stop providing death cover once the pet has reached a certain age, usually around eight years old.

Are there any exclusions for cat insurance?

Yes, if your cat is very old, this may not be coverable by certain insurers. In addition, your cat may not be insurable if they have pre-existing medical conditions and you will also need to check that the specific vet you have in mind can be covered.

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