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Serving Forces can save money on their car insurance without realising.

For serving members of the armed forces, operational deployment is part and parcel of the profession’s lifestyle.

However, something many military personnel fail to consider is whether or not they should have to pay full price for car insurance during deployment when their car is not being used.

Unfortunately, as sourcing car insurance can often be deemed as a chore, many forces members flock to mainstream comparison sites for a quick sale. However, a good deal really can’t be based solely on it’s price, especially within a more unconventional career.

As a veteran led company, here at Forces Compare we’ve recognised the need for tailor made financial services to address the unique needs of “squaddies”.

In partnership with Forces Solutions, we’re delighted to be able to offer the UK’s only Military car comparison site designed and tailored for just the Forces. All Forces policies provided by Forces Solutions come with Laid up Cover free of charge which could see those deployed save vast amounts via a unique rebate.


What is Laid Up Cover?

Laid up cover is commonly used in the Insurance market for those with classic cars and kit cars, it provides insurance for vehicles that are not being driven whilst maintaining insurance which is a legal requirement.


How Does Laid Up Cover Work?

If you are deployed on operations for a minimum of 28 days, at sea or overseas exercise you can apply for laid up cover, which sees your policy have 3rd party liability removed, as you’re not driving the vehicle, you’re not at risk of any 3rd party collision.

The beauty of this is your car is still insured against the perils that can still happen, such as theft, vandalism, fire and storm damage, whilst insuring against these you can enjoy market leading rebates of up to 80% of your premiums. Get a military car insurance quote today.


What’s the Catch?

The truth is there is no catch, you are requested to contact Forces Solutions to activate/de-activate cover taking into account any R&R. If you forget to notify Forces Solutions and want to claim your rebate after the event. No problem they will require written confirmation from either your commanding officer of the RAO just to confirm the dates you were away.

It’s important to understand that this is a rebate and not a refund, so the credit accrued will be discounted off your next renewal.

There are a few minor conditions such as whilst away the car must be kept in a secure location such as the base hanger, base car park, a parents garage or drive. You can not activate laid up cover if the car is parked on a public road or a public car park.


Why is This Feature Not Available by All Insurers?

The simple answer is UK motor insurers are not geared up for specialist customers such as HM Forces, their products are designed for the open market and normal civilians do not require such a feature as their cars are used frequently barring a couple of weeks whilst on holiday.

If I SORN my car, then I don’t need Insurance so why pay 20% when I can pay nothing?
Valid point, if you SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) your vehicle, it doesn’t need insurance.

However, if you purchased your car using Finance you will find that under the conditions of the agreement, the car must be insured at all times even if SORN so failure to do so could see you in breach.

Also if your car is SORN its not protected against any of the perils listed. If you did go on operations and your vehicle was stolen however unlikely you may think this is. UK police forces report that 350 cars are stolen in the UK each day not just luxury cars.

The other consideration is No Claims Bonus, if you keep cancelling your policy for deployment you will not earn any no claims bonus. No claims bonus is the biggest contributor to getting discounts on your car insurance year on year.

As well as Laid up cover all Forces policies come with Business Use free of charge enabling you to claim your JPA MMA claims without any issues.

Get a Military car insurance quote today


Case Study 

Cpl X – I had a renewal with LV= I was shopping around and found out about Forces Solutions my renewal was £1250, I was offered a price of £1345.00 by Forces Solutions. My first thought was this was more expensive, I called and queried some of the benefits which were not available with LV= I knew I was due to deploy to Norway and Estonia so gave them a try.

I was away for 2 deployments. I have had my renewal this year it was £1225.00, I also had a rebate of £465.00 meaning my insurance was only £760.00. For my age and car for insurance to be £760.00 – not in my wildest dreams, the whole process was so easy, as I was away for 6 months, I even got another year No Claims Bonus.

Not all car insurance is the same, deployments can happen at any time why pay full price for insurance when you don’t have too. Forces Solutions specialist motor insurance is not available on comparison sites. Its cover is specially designed and tailored for those who serve, over 25 years of combined experience in designing and servicing the Forces both in the UK and overseas.

Get a Military car insurance quote today

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