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To the serving soldier, it may be overlooked that military car insurance is in fact a specialist area and requires the knowledge of a specialist firm to provide the key coverage you need. 

There are many providers that can, and will sell you motor insurance, however, dealing with insurers who do not understand your unique requirements can cause problems.  As a product that is required by law it’s important that as an individual, you ensure you have adequate cover and this often means not to be tempted to settle for the cheapest deal.

Did you know that most of the UK’s leading providers have exclusions such as an “airside” or “quayside” exclusion? This means any area where aircraft can land is deemed “airside” and cover for this is excluded. Unfortunately, many MoD bases have such to land various aircraft especially all RAF bases. 

To claim back JPA on mileage claims you will also need business cover, this is a service you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. In fact, If your away on operations again you shouldn’t have to pay a full premium if your vehicle is not being used. It can actually become quite tricky to find a provider that has knowledge of such stipulations and exclusions and with that in mind we’ve teamed up with the UK’s only broker dedicated to providing motor insurance for the Armed Forces.

You can find great deals on insurance for military personnel through our trusted partner. With their own unique motor insurance policy, such usual challenges are eliminated and the company is perfectly tailored for your military-led coverage needs. 

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