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How Expensive Is It To Contest A Will

The associated cost of contesting a Will can always vary from case to case and will depend on how long the case takes, how cooperative the other party is and whether or not court fees are involved. 

All lawyers will aim to attain the quickest and easiest solution without pursuing court proceedings. 

Mediation is a tool service that is utilised during such cases to help form dispute resolution within each settlement. It is worth noting that most Will dispute cases are settled outside of court as an attempt by both parties to save time and money. 

There are a number of costs to be considered before you decide to contest a Will. The associated fees with such a case will include your solicitor’s time which will often be charged at a fixed hourly rate. Copies of medical records and land registry fees are referred to as disbursements and will need to be taken into account.

Other fees involved can include the barrister’s fees, the court fees and in some cases, the need for a medical expert or handwriting expert will also be necessary. 

Depending on the nature of your case a dedicated lawyer may be able to provide a range of funding options. Typical funding options available in such cases include legal expenses insurance which can be present in home insurance policies and possibly a no-win no fee arrangement. In addition, some lawyers offer third-party funding or payment on conclusion options.

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