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Kit Insurance for the Army, Navy, and RAF

Military kit insurance may seem like a boring subject, changing providers might seem like a long drawn out process, making that phone call, completing that paperwork to save a few pounds. But what if it wasn’t just a few pounds? What if you could save £50+ on that phone call, would it be worth it then? Forces compare provides discounts and promotion codes not available anywhere else! Whilst we’re still building our list of providers we are pleased that we can promise that anyone using our quote checker will not get the same price as if they went direct, but they will get a unique discount.


Your questions, answered:

How can you offer this service? Insurance providers pay us an “introduction fee” for promoting their products and services. We reduce this fee in order to allow the customer to make a saving. It really is that simple.

How do i find these promotional codes? Simple, you’ll need to visit out one of a kind search system for Military kit insurance.

Why is my military kit insurance provider not on your system? Ask them! We have approached all military kit insurance providers in the UK to be listed on our site, if their not listed, they don’t want their prices compared. 

What do you do with my personal information? Using our kit comparison system we will not ask you for any personal information, we will not collect your name, e-mail or Phone number to market products to you later. All the information is around what level of cover you desire.

Do you offer discount codes on any other products? Yes, you’ll be able to see a range of discounts in our military search system, these include kit, military contents insurance and personal accident.

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