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Standard Pet Travel Insurance

Pet Travel Insurance

If you are planning on taking your pet abroad to Europe or anywhere overseas, you can apply for pet travel insurance to give you important financial protection. 

You can never be sure how your pet will react during transport, going overseas or if something will flare up on a holiday abroad. In case your dog or cat requires vet treatment or procedures, you will be able to claim back any related fees incurred abroad which could be very expensive.

Use our comparison table provided to find the best insurance for taking your pet on holiday – and you can choose how long you would like to be covered for and get the best quote possible.


How to Find the Best Pet Travel Insurance Policy

You should carefully consider the following points when you compare pet travel insurance:

  • Is your pet already covered on an existing pet insurance policy? (some lifetime pet insurance policies already provide this kind of cover as standard)
  • How often you intend to take your pet abroad with you? Do you need a single-trip or multi-trip policy?
  • What exactly do you need cover for? It is for basic vet treatment, accidental cover or your pet getting lost or stolen? This will impact the price of your cover.

You can find great deals on pet travel insurance when comparing through Forces Compare. We search through over 15 different providers and will give you free, no obligation quotes. Our online form can take only 5 minutes to complete, after which you’ll receive instant results. Simply fill in the form above to find pet travel insurance that’s right for you.


What Travel Insurance for Pets Is Available?

If you decide to purchase travel insurance for pets, it is possible that an insurer can provide cover for a number of different costs:

  • Vet treatment fees: if your animal becomes unwell or is injured whilst abroad
  • Theft or loss: if your pet strays or is stolen whilst you are overseas. 
  • Holiday cancellation: in the event that you need to cancel your holiday entirely, or cut your trip shorter as a result of your pet dying or requiring urgent medical treatment

Compare Quotes From a Range of Providers!

Using a comparison system can compare quotes for puppy insurance or older dog insurance, kitten insurance or cat insurance, and you’ll have various levels of cover to choose from for your animal.

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It doesn’t matter whether your pet is a pedigree or a cross-breed, either – we can still help compare quotes from a panel of insurance providers to help you find a great deal.


Pet Travel Insurance FAQs 

Yes, some insurers can include exclusions for the following:

  • Age of your pet (over 8 years of age for cats and dogs)
  • Certain holiday destinations
  • Holidays over a certain length
  • Existing medical conditions

Yes, it is possible but it may be more expensive given that pedigree pets tend to be more prone to getting more hereditary illnesses than crossbreeds.

It is generally recommend to get multi-trip cover if you intend to take your pet abroad with you at least twice in one year. Single trip policies only cover one trip up to a certain period of time (usually up to 30 days).

Not necessarily, many insurers will not insure older pets (typically over the age of eight for dogs and cats) due to the level of risk they impose.

Not always, many insurers will not usually insure animals with existing medical conditions, or it may be more expensive if they do.

Yes, there are a variety of insurers who will allow you to cover several pets under one insurance policy – this is known as multi pet insurance.

Yes, if the animal that you want to take abroad with you is a dog, cat or ferret, you will need to apply for a pet passport.

No, some insurers may restrict you from visiting certain countries due to potential risks. Always check with the insurers that you are interested in if they have a list of excluded destinations in their policy.

Yes, many insurers will allow you to recover the cost of advertising or reward costs for a lost or stolen pet.