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How Do Claims Against TFS Loans Work?

If you had a guarantor loan with TFS Loans in the last 5 years and you struggled to repay, you could be eligible for compensation.

Over the last few years, thousands of people have been granted loans across the UK that they could not afford. This may be due to their affordability, income or because thorough checks were not carried out by the lender on you or your guarantor. Or perhaps your loan was topped up or rolled over without further checks, this may have put you under financial pressure and now you can seek compensation. 

If you, the borrower, had trouble repaying your loan and had to borrow more money or pay more interest as a result, the UK’s regulators are now giving you the opportunity to request a refund and you could receive the entire loan amount, interest and compensation on top (of up to 8%). For some people this may be just a few hundred pounds, but for others, it may be thousands and thousands of pounds.

Forces Compare has partnered with Allegiant Finance Services offering a fast, simple and effective way for you to reclaim a mis-sold TFS loan and get the compensation you deserve. It is completely free to apply and submit your claim and you should have a firm answer and resolution within a matter of weeks.


More than 80% of guarantor loan complaints and claims were uphold by the Financial Ombudsman in the last year.

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We Have Partnered with Allegiant Finance Services


Forces Compare has proudly partnered with the established Allegiant Finance Services who have been trading since 2013 and successfully recovered more than £50 million worth of mis-sold claims for their customers.

Am I Eligible for a TFS Guarantor Loan Refund?

If you have taken out a guarantor loan and one or several of the following statements applies to your circumstances you may be entitled to compensation.

  • During your application process, you may not have mentioned all of your debts and If this didn’t match with your credit record, the lender should have ensured to reaffirm this.
  • It is possible that you underestimated your monthly expenditure due to guesswork or eagerness to be eligible for your loan, and in such circumstances, if your figures appeared too low, your lender should have explored their reliability further.
  • At the time of your application did you have a regular income? If you were self-employed during this period or even had overtime that fluctuated, the lender should have looked at this.
  • Did you have evidence of recent applications for credit or previous problems on your credit record? Guarantor loans are specifically targeted at those with bad credit scores, however, the lender should have been conscious of whether your situation appeared to be worsening.
  • Whenever you topped up an existing loan, your lender should have ensured to run another set of checks concerning whether this was affordable. Had you missed any previous loan repayments? Had your finances deteriorated since your first loan? If so, the lender should have addressed the fact that their current loan could be unaffordable and as a result, capped any more lending.
  • The firm may only have carried out a brief affordability check on you because of your guarantors circumstances. Regardless of your guarantor’s financial status, the loan needed to reflect your personal repayment potential.
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Have You Been Mis-Sold a TFS Loan?

A loan is mis-sold if you were able to borrow despite not being able to afford to repay, perhaps due to being unemployed, on benefits or already with mounting debts. 

If you were late with some repayments, because you were struggling to repay, this could make you eligible for a full refund.

In addition, you may have found that the lender offered you extensions, rollovers or top-ups automatically without carrying out the same sufficient checks needed on your income status, credit score, affordability and your guarantor’s criteria too.

This could make you eligible for a TFS loan compensation claim, including the full loan amount, interest and compensation on top.

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