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If you’ve been rejected for an Amigo loan, or simply want to explore other options, Forces Compare can help.

We have access to 10 other guarantor lenders that may be able to offer you a loan with better terms, including lower rates or higher borrowing amounts.

Forces Compare also offer many other loan products, with various credit histories considered.

Each and every lender will have their own list of criteria. Just because you weren’t successful with Amigo does not mean you’ll be unsuccessful with other lenders.

Forces Compare can look through your details and help you find personal loans, or even secured loans, at fantastic rates.

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What Loans Can I Get That Are Like Amigo?

Amigo offers guarantor loans. With this type of loan, a guarantor is elected and promises to repay the loan if the borrower defaults.

Amigo loans are not the only lenders that offer guarantor loans. There are a range of different guarantor loan providers for borrowers to choose from, some of which are able to offer you better terms.

Forces Compare can help to find the best guarantor loans through our trusted lenders. We work with 10 guarantor loan providers, who can offer between £500 and £15,000 over a 12 to 84 month period.

We also work with lenders who accept those with bad or non-existent credit, provided both the borrower and the guarantor meet the specified criteria.

Can I Get a Loan Like Amigo With Bad Credit?

Yes, there are many other loans similar to Amigo’s that accept applicants with bad credit.

Guarantor loans are often used by borrowers with bad credit, leveraging the good credit history from their guarantor to access finance.

Forces Compare can help you to find loans similar to Amigo’s that accept varying different financial histories.

Those with a CCJ or IVA can still be eligible for a guarantor loan with our trusted lenders, as well as those who have experienced bankruptcy.

Loans like Amigo’s will often be used by those with adverse credit histories, however the guarantor for these loans will typically be required to have a good credit rating.

In addition to this, borrowers will still need to be employed and have a regular salary to be eligible.

Why Apply for Loans Like Amigo?

Forces Compare can help you to find loans similar to Amigo’s that accept bad credit histories, making finance more accessible to those struggling to get it.

As previously mentioned, our trusted lenders may also be able to offer guarantor loans with lower rates or higher borrowing amounts.

We also offer a range of other loan products that may be better suited to borrowers. These loans also consider those with a bad credit history, including personal and secured loans.

Loans similar to Amigo’s can also help to build up your credit rating. This is only the case when the borrower keeps up with their repayments and makes sure they are paid on time.

These types of loans can therefore help borrowers to not only access finance, but also to further their chances of success with future loan applications.

What is the Criteria for Loans Like Amigo?

The eligibility criteria for a loan similar to Amigo loans will be entirely dependent upon the lender. You can apply for loans similar to Amigo’s through Forces Compare.

While our guarantor lenders may have varying requirements, in order to be eligible, most borrowers (and their guarantors) will have to meet the following criteria:


The borrower is the person who is taking out the loan. The borrower is the one who receives the loan, and will be responsible for keeping up with its repayments.

  • Be over the age of 18.
  • Be under employment.
  • Have a regular salary.
  • Be a full-time UK resident.
  • Be able to afford the loan repayments.


The guarantor helps the borrower to take out a guarantor loan. They can be a spouse, family member, friend or work colleague. The guarantor agrees to be responsible for the loan repayments if the borrower defaults.

  • Be over the age of 21.
  • Be a full-time UK resident.
  • Have a good credit rating.
  • Be under employment.
  • Have a regular salary.
  • Be able to afford the loan repayments.
  • Be a homeowner (tenants may also be accepted).

How to Apply for Loans Like Amigo

Forces Compare has a free comparison service, helping you to compare loans like Amigo’s with the best lenders in the country. To find out more, visit out compare loans UK page.

Applications can take less than 5 minutes to complete and funds can be received within 48 hours. This will be subject to checks on both the borrower and the guarantor.

Forces Compare does not charge fees for its service and is available for those who serve, those who have served and civilians. Click on the button below to start your online application.

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