Flight Delays 

Claims and Compensation

If you’ve had a flight that was delayed, you might be entitled to claim compensation on it, or in some cases a refund on your ticket.

  • Claim €250-€600 on flight delay compensation.

  • Compensation will vary depending on the length of the delay and more.

  • All applicable if under the Denied Boarding Regulation.

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Having a flight delayed can be a disappointing and frustrating incident, especially after paying for a flight to get you where you want (or if you’re in the army, often need) to be. It helps to know your rights when a flight is delayed, as you could be eligible for compensation depending on the details of the flight and the circumstances that surround its delay.


 What Delayed Flights Am I Able to Claim Compensation For?

Whether you’ll be able to claim compensation or not will depend on certain details of the delayed flight in question – two essential details being where the flight departed from as well as the airline the flight was under.

For those with delayed flights that were either with a European airline, or departed from an area within Europe, you’ll be protected by something called the Denied Boarding Regulation.

These regulations will only be applied, and thereby can only protect you, in the following circumstances:

  • You checked in for your flight on time.
  • Your flight was either departing from an airport in the EU or is flying to one via an airline headquartered in an EU country.
  • The booking for the flight was confirmed correctly.

For those outside of these limits, the Denied Boarding Regulation will not apply to your situation. For those outside of these parameters you may still be able to claim compensation, however this will be applicable only if such conditions apply to the airline you’re flying with.


How Do I Find Out If I’m Eligible for Compensation?

You can find out whether you’re eligible for compensation by looking through the Denied Boarding Regulation.

For those outside the criteria for Denied Boarding Regulation to apply, whilst you won’t be protected under these regulations, you may still be eligible for certain types of compensation. To understand your rights surrounding this, it can help to read through your chosen airline’s Conditions of Carriage.


My Flight Was Delayed – What Am I Entitled To?

Focusing specifically on EU regulations, what you’re entitled to will depend on the details of your flight delay, including how long it was delayed for as well as how long the actual flight is. Below is a table with all the relevant details for what you could be entitled to when your flight is delayed:

Arriving 3 Hours + Late

  • Under 1,500km: €250
  • 1,500km – 3,500km: €400
  • Over 1,500km (within EU boarders): €400

Arriving 3 – 4 Hours Late

  • Over 3,500km (between EU to non-EU boarders): €300

Arriving 4 Hours + Late

  • Over 3,500km (between EU and non-EU boarders): €600


How Should I Make a Claim on a Delayed Flight?  

If you’ve had your flight delayed, you can make a claim simply by contacting the airline you booked the flight with.

When informing the airline about this claim, be sure to provide them with the flight number, details of all passengers wanting to make a claim, as well as the reason for the flight’s delay.


What Happens If My Claim Is Rejected?

Airlines may turn down your claim, particularly if the delay was due to the previously mentioned “extraordinary circumstances”. If the airline rejects your claim due to such circumstances, but you do not believe these to be the cause for the delay, you can challenge this rejection.

If the claim you make with the airline is rejected, and you believe this was wrongfully rejected, your next step should be to take this to the ombudsman or the regulator most relevant to your case – of which can be dependent upon the airline itself.

It can be possible for you to take the airline you experienced the delayed flight with to the small claims court.

When Will Airlines Not Pay Out Compensation?

[list style=”2″ icon=”icon-check”]Security risk[/list][list style=”2″ icon=”icon-check”]Drone disruption [/list][list style=”2″ icon=”icon-check”]Air Traffic Control operation restrictions[/list][list style=”2″ icon=”icon-check”]Weather that would be dangerous to fly in [/list][list style=”2″ icon=”icon-check”]Strikes by certain members of the airport staff (baggage handlers etc.)[/list][list style=”2″]Political instability [/list]