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At Forces Compare we understand that mistakes happen, but we don’t believe that you should be made to pay for these for the rest of your life.

Motoring convictions can make it difficult to find cost effective insurance for your vehicle. Many insurance companies will apply loadings onto their premiums, leaving you with little option but to pay the extra and often over the odds for your insurance.

Have you been convicted of speeding? Using your mobile whilst driving? Or driving without insurance? We know your past won’t necessarily be telling of your future, and can help find great deals on car insurance even if you’ve been convicted.


Can I Get Car Insurance as a Convicted Driver?

Yes indeed. Forces Compare’s independent search engine specialises in comparing the best insurance options for your requirements, including insurance for drivers with motoring convictions or criminal convictions.

Having a conviction does not sentence you to paying expensive premiums forever. Compare convicted driver insurance with Forces Compare today!


How to Reduce the Cost for Convicted Driver Insurance

Insurers do increase their premiums if you’ve had a motoring conviction or two. Some insurers have different policies for convicted drivers so the benefit of applying through a broker or comparison site is that you have access to a range of companies and policies so that you can get the best deal possible.

Other ways to reduce the cost is to consider increasing the excess you pay on your car or reduce the risk of theft by keeping your vehicle in a garage overnight or by ensuring the alarm is working correctly.


The Types of Convictions  

The most common types of driver convictions include driving without insurance (IN10), driving with a handheld device (CU80) and speeding on a public road (SP30).

As mentioned above, making sure we have all the correct details of your conviction is crucial because some convictions can become ‘spent’ or removed from the system after a certain period of time.

For instance, if you were given a fine or community service, the conviction is ‘spent’ after five years and it may not have to be declared to insurers.

Prison sentences under two and a half years are removed after 10 years and if you served for over two and a half years, the time is never spent and must always be disclosed to insurers.

Below is a list of driver convictions, their codes and definitions sourced from the website:

Code Offence Penalty Points
AC10 Failing to stop after accident. 5 – 10
AC20 Failing to report an accident or give particulars within a 24 hour period. 5 – 10
Code Offence Penalty Points
CD10 Driving without attention or care 3 – 9
CD20 Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users 3 – 9
Code Offence Penalty Points
CU10 Using a vehicle with defective breaks 3
CU20 Causing, or likely to cause, danger due to unsuitable vehicle (e.g. using a vehicle with part in dangerous condition) 3
CU30 Using vehicle with defective tires 3
CU40 Using vehicle with defective steering 3
CU50 Causing, or likely to cause, danger due to vehicle load or passengers 3
CU80 Breaching requirements as to control of the vehicle (e.g. using your mobile phone) 3 – 6
Code Offence Penalty Points
DR10 Driving, or attempting to drive, when alcohol level is above the limit 3 – 11
DR20 Driving, or attempting to drive, when unfit due to drink 3 – 11
DR30 Driving, or attempting to drive, then failing to provide specimen for analysis 3 – 11
DR70 Failing to provide specimen for breath test 4
DG10 Driving, or attempting to drive, when drug level is above the specified limit 3 – 11
DR80 Driving, or attempting to drive, when unfit due to drugs 3 – 11
Code Offence Penalty Point
IN10 Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks 6 – 8
LC20 Driving that is not in accordance with a licence 3 – 6
LC30 Driving after making a false declaration about fitness when applying for licence 3 – 6
LC40 Driving whilst failing to notify about a disability 3 – 6
LC50 Driving after license has been revoked or refused 3 – 6
Code  Offence Penalty Points
SP10 Exceeding goods vehicle speed limit 3 – 6
SP30 Exceeding statutory speed limit on public road 3 – 6
SP50 Exceeding speed limit on motorway 3 – 6

How to Apply for Convicted Driver Insurance

When applying for convicted driver insurance, as with any type of car insurance, you’ll have to provide a few details. These include your personal details, as well as information about your license and insurance history.

Below is a list with some of the main pieces of information you’ll commonly have to provide when applying for any type of car insurance:

  • The driver’s name
  • The driver’s age
  • The driver’s address and contact details
  • Details of the driver’s license
  • Any previous claims history
  • Details of the vehicle (model, make, value and registration)
  • Any previous insurance information

When signing an insurance contract, you are expected to disclose “all material facts”, regardless of whether you are asked about them.

It’s important to understand all details of any insurance policy you take out, including the information required about you and your driving past.


Why Compare Convicted Driver Insurance With Forces Compare?

Forces Compare can help to find insurance that’s right for you, searching the whole of market to compare the best deals for your personal requirements.

We were originally set up to help those in the armed forces to find the best finance and insurance products to meet their unique circumstances. However, our services now extend to everyone in the UK, including veterans and civilians, meaning everyone can search the best deals for them through our independent search engine.

Our service is completely impartial and free, and we have partnerships with some of the biggest insurers throughout the UK. Compare with Forces Compare today!