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How Can I Get a Safety Net Credit Loan Refund?

If you are looking for Safety Net Credit compensation, you may be eligible if you had a loan with a company in the last 5 years and struggled to repay. 

The process is very simple. The lender needs to determine that you were unable to repay your loan and should not have been approved in the first place. Whilst UK lenders are required to carry out sufficient checks on each applicant, there are often customers who are granted loans that they cannot afford – perhaps due to ongoing debt, income, credit status, being on benefits or unemployed.

So if you have found yourself in a position where you could not repay your loan and were charged additional fees, had to take out subsequent loans or top ups – you could be eligible for a Safety Net Credit refund.

At Forces Compare, we offer a fast and effective way to submit our claim. Simply click on the button below which says “Start Your Claim” and you can complete your details in less than 5 minutes, completely free of charge.

We only charge a fee if your Safety Net Credit claim is successful and with a quick turnaround, you can typically receive an offer within a matter of weeks.

So far, we have helped thousands of customers reclaim on mis-sold loans, with the help of our partners. Some customers have been able to recover thousands of pounds and we are here to assist you every step of the way.


The uphold rate for mis-sold loans is very high, with some lenders agreeing to pay compensation for 60% or even as much as 90% of all claim enquiries that they receive. Whilst eligibility may vary, if you had problems repaying your loan and feel that insufficient checks were carried out when your loan was granted or additional loans were added – you could be eligible for a refund of several hundred or thousands of pounds.

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Am I Eligible for Safety Net Credit Compensation?

If you have taken out a Safety Net Credit Loan (either payday or short term loan) and one or several of the following statements applies to your circumstances you may be entitled to compensation.

  • During your application process, you may not have mentioned all of your debts and If this didn’t match with your credit record, the lender should have ensured to reaffirm this.
  • It is possible that you underestimated your monthly expenditure due to guesswork or eagerness to be eligible for your payday or short term loan, and in such circumstances, if your figures appeared too low, your lender should have explored their reliability further.
  • At the time of your application did you have a regular income? If you were self-employed during this period or even had overtime that fluctuated, the lender should have looked at this.
  • Did you have evidence of recent applications for credit or previous problems on your credit record? Short term loans should not always be targeted at students and the lender should have been conscious of whether your situation was getting better or worse.
  • Whenever you topped up an existing Safety Net Credit Loan, your lender should have ensured to run another set of checks concerning whether this was affordable. Had you missed any previous loan repayments? Had your finances deteriorated since your first loan? If so, the lender should have addressed the fact that their current loan could be unaffordable and as a result, capped any more lending.
  • The firm may only have carried out a brief affordability check on you because of your circumstances. Regardless of your financial status, the loan needed to reflect your personal repayment potential.
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Do You Charge a Fee for Processing My Mis-Sold Safety Net Credit Loan?

Yes, there is an administration fee of 30% of the amount that is fully reclaimed, only if your claim is successful. Otherwise, it is completely free to submit a claim request with Forces Compare and to check your eligibility.

Our fee covers any administration and packaging of documents to process your claim and to help it get approved as quickly as possible and recover the highest amount. With an excellent track record to date and close partnership with Allegiant, we are in a perfect position to assist with your Safety Net Credit claim today.

How Does the Claims Reclamation Process Work?

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