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Here at Forces Compare Quotezone provide access to 100’s of car insurance quotes allowing you the opportunity to browse the market and tailor your results based on your unique policy requirements.

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Generic car insurance

Simply input a few key details about your car to search over 100  car insurance deals in a matter of minutes.


Forces tailored

Military Car insurance designed for forces, allowing for deployment discounts, Military address and oversea policies.

Please read before getting a quote


Quotezone compare over 300 providers with this following form, whether you’re a veteran, spouse, or a civilian, simply enter a few key details to get started.


If you are currently serving due to your unique lifestyle a standard insurance policy May not be suitable. 

To find out more about this service visit our serving military car insurance page

Save time

Simply input a few key details about your driving history and credentials to be presented with over 200 car insurance deals in a matter of minutes.

Increased Efficiency

There’s no need to complete individual policy surveys, wait on hold to providers or even create an account.

Forces tailored

Our veteran-led team understand the in’s and out’s of life within the military and are on hand to deal with any queries.

Army insurance

Compare quotes from a range of providers!

Whether you’re a new driver, have outstanding convictions or a clean record, you’ll have a much better chance of finding the best price on your car insurance if you compare quotes from a wide range of providers.

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It’s easy to compare car insurance quotes online with Forces Compare.

Simply fill out a few details about yourself, your driving history, your car, and any named drivers, and you’ll be able to compare quotes quickly.


*51% of consumers could save £200. Seopa split the providers on their comparison systems into different categories. They then selected quotes from the high volume sales providers as well as quotes from other providers which returned a price. Based on UK insurance market share data made available by the ABI, by way of a weighted selection process, they selected the cheapest of either the high volume sales providers or other providers (“the cheapest selected quote”). They then compared the cheapest quote on their system against the cheapest selected quote. They then took the savings figure which 51% or over could have saved using that formula. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how.