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Forces Compare is an independent search engine that specialises in comparing quotes for insurance. We compare quotes from a select group of highly reputable insurance specialists to help meet your unique requirements.

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Compare Car Insurance

Find the best rates for insuring your vehicle with Forces Compare. We compare over a hundred different brands and could save you up to £200.

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Compare Loans

Explore the best rates for a range of different finance options including secured, unsecured, guarantor and bad credit loans. Get a free personalised quote today.

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Compare Home Insurance

Compare a range of covers from over 40 different providers to help protect your home with immediate results and no obligation quotes.

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Military Kit Insurance

Find great deals on military kit insurance. We're connected to a range of specialist insurers that account for the unique circumstances of those in the military.

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Compare Bike Insurance

Use our specialist independent search engine to find fantastic cover for your motorbike with over 20 insurance providers to explore.

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Compare Travel Insurance

Get military-grade cover for your travels through Forces Compare with cancellation cover for unavoidable military duty and much more.

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Proudly Supporting the Armed Forces Covenant

You Serve,
We Search,
You Save.

Our mission is to make sure you get the insurance you need for great coverage at great rates.

We have partnered with insurance comparison experts Quotezone, enabling our users to access hundreds of quotes upon completing one simple form.

With the option to browse and learn more about individual policies and providers in one comprehensive platform, customers are able to make the most informed judgement on their insurance policies.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Very happy

Very happy with forces compare, with an ongoing claim for fire, I still managed get cheap insurance saving myself 2k! Absolutely buzzing


Well worth a gander

Saved a few hundred quid on my insurance well worth a gander.


Top class

Top class service and Alfie was brilliant throughout the process. Definitely recommend.


Stop Overpaying for Military Insurance

Forces Compare was set up by an ex-paramilitary who realised that soldiers were significantly overpaying for basic insurance premiums.Often, soldiers are forced to buy insurance policies on camps, or are overcharged due to their military postcode or army customer profiling.But in many cases, soldiers will have a more stable salary and disposable income than the regular person, as well as being in good health, and used to handling heavy machinery.

So Why Are Soldiers Paying More
for Their Vehicle or Life Insurance?

Forces Compare is here to challenge that. Our price comparison site for the armed forces uses a number of alternate providers who offer much lower rates and good quality cover for those in the military as well as veterans. You can compare a range of insurance and finance options through Forces Compare - from military kit insurance, pet insurance, and car insurance to unsecured, secured and guarantor loans. We are fighting our claim for the people, and in addition to offering insurance and loans, we also offer a number of ways that customers can claim compensation for things like travel, tax rebates, military deafness and mis-sold loans. We are not backed by investors or venture capital. We are a passionate group of soldiers and people with a background in personal finance. We are here to help you get the best deals for soldier insurance and finance possible.

How Much Can I Save Through Military Insurance With Forces Compare?

The average customer has saved between £700 and £1000 on basic car insurance when applying with Forces Compare. So far, we have written over £250,000 worth of policies. Our website is not exclusive to the armed forces, and you can still access the best rates if you are a ‘civvy’ living in the general public. With such a range of insurance products, offers and deals, anyone who wants to compare insurance with Forces Compare can access the best quotes and get the cover that they need.

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