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If your credit is great, you live in quarters or your own pad, you’re lucky enough to own your own home, or you are pretty senior in rank, then you probably don’t need them, move on, go to your local franchised dealer and they will sort you out just fine. MK Military Finance will only be any use to you if that description doesn’t fit you.

If this sounds like you;

  • Served abroad for a medium to long period without maintaining a proxy address in the UK
  • Joined from another country and only been in the UK a few years
  • You are unmarried and live in block or barracks with or without a proxy address
  • Your credit isn’t great, or you don’t really have any credit
  • You are young, or only just passed your test
  • You have had more than 2 addresses in the last three years
  • You need to export the vehicle, or put BFG plates on it
  • You only have a BFPO address

Conventional credit scoring systems used by many lenders are often not going to like your application and will routinely either decline, or charge a ridiculous interest rate to mitigate perceived risk.

MK Military Finance don’t use credit score systems, they talk to every customer, and manually process each application, so it doesn’t matter if your bank is registered at your parents, your credit card at camp, you have 4 active mobile phones at each of your previous girlfriends places, and you’re currently posted to Akrotiri, they will sort out how your application should be presented to a lender, before it is sent to them, to give you the best chance of approval and the best rate available to you for your circumstances.

They have ongoing relationships with some big lenders such as Santander, Alphera (BMW Finance) and Close Military, amongst others for low rate, and an overall panel of 17 lenders to suit many different circumstances.

They do supply cars, but you can go to any reputable dealer in the UK with a licence and buy your car there with money from MK.

MK Military Finance have a current 4.9/5 Facebook review score from previous customers, and if you get offered a better rate elsewhere they will send you a cheque for £25 to apologise.

Rates from 9.9% APR – REPRESENTATIVE 16.9% APR

Not all applications will receive an offer of credit – Applications are free and no obligation – If you are approved you are not obliged to proceed with an offer.

Find out more about car finance for military personnel by following the link.

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