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ELC – Staying easier to claim

Good news!

The temporary relaxation of SLC policy has been made permanent! The changes in 2020DIN07-118 will be included in the next rewrite of JSP 822, so that SLCs can continue to be used for a broader range of personal learning and development activities – whilst the DIN (2020DIN07-118) has not yet been rewritten to include the maintenance of the changes, they will be written into the new JSP 822 to formalise. In the meantime Service Personnel can access the notification for the changes – – and the current policy – – Both on Defence Connect
Open University scholorships – Veteran funding
The Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund (DVSF) has so far awarded 160 scholarships since 2018.
These scholarships aim to give disabled* veterans, injured in or due to military service, access to
free Open University (OU) study with specialist disability and careers support. Our priority is to
ensure that recipients are able to take full advantage of educational opportunity, building confidence,
knowledge and opening up a future bright with the potential to thrive in a post-service career.
The scholarships are flexible to suit the needs and objectives of each applicant. They can cover
anything from introductory access modules to an entire undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.
The scheme, supported by a bespoke team of advisors, draws on the OU’s fifty years of experience
in providing education to disabled students. With a disabled student community of over 27,000
students, the OU has expertise in providing extraordinary support to students experiencing an array
of physical and mental disabilities

Eligibility criteria – In order to qualify for
the scheme applicants
must meet all of the
following criteria:

Be starting study in the 2021/22 academic year

Be eligible for a UK fee

Be disabled as a result of, or in, military service

Be studying an OU module for which some, or all, of the tuition fees are being charged to the applicant. – Questions / more information please contact 0300 303 5303 or email



Timpsons are currently recruiting from the Veteran community with a focus on those with a criminal history – for more information please contact


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