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Overcharged Solicitors Fees

Have You Been Overcharged By Your Solicitors? Let our partners check your legal fees to see if you are entitled to a refund or reduction.

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Check My Legal Fees

Check My Legal Fees are the leading firm in this specialist area of the law, and have been involved in many of the major court decisions. They have conducted cases challenging solicitors’ costs at all levels up to and including the Court of Appeal.

If any of the following apply to you then you may have a claim:

  • Did you have a road traffic accident after 2013?
  • Did you receive compensation following the accident?
  • Did your solicitor deduct 25% from your compensation?
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Key Features

  • If you had a road traffic accident after 2013, received compensation following the accident, and had your solicitor deduct 25% from this compensation, you may be eligible to make a claim.
  • From 2013 onwards, an average 770,00 personal injury claims rise from road traffic accident claims a year.
  • Many of these claims are dealt with through ‘no-win, no-fee’ agreements.
  • Many could be paying success fees that were incorrectly calculated.
  • Get started on your claim with our partner Check My Legal Fees.

Personal injury claims

Since 2013 there have been an average of 770,00 personal injury claims arising out of road traffic accident claims per year, the vast majority of which are dealt with under ‘no-win, no-fee’ agreements. Assuming that around 75% of those are successful means that well over 500,000 people per year are potentially paying success fees that may have been incorrectly calculated.

Co-founder of Check My Legal Fees Kerry-Anne said ‘This means (based on average recovery figures) that up to £420 million per year of road traffic accident victims’ compensation is actually going, wrongly, into the pockets of solicitors.”

The recent ruling by the Court of Appeal in Herbert v HH Law Ltd, which upheld a decision to reduce the success fee in a low value road traffic accident case from 100% to 15%, will set alarm bells ringing in the personal injury sector and is a milestone for consumer rights. So, what will you spend your refund on?

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Example Refund

Geoff and Elaine Marriott had a road traffic accident on 3rd May 2016. Their vehicle was stationary at traffic lights when a car behind them failed to stop and drove into the rear of their vehicle. Both Geoff, who was driving, and passenger Elaine suffered whiplash injuries.

They were referred to Michael Lewin Solicitors of Leeds and entered into ‘no-win, no-fee’ agreements in September 2016. Just two months later the cases, which were very straightforward, had settled for damages of £1,800 each.

From each settlement Michael Lewin (who had already received the maximum payment of fixed costs under the rules from the guilty driver’s insurers) deducted a total of £648, leaving Elaine and Geoff with just £1,152 each.

Check My Legal Fees started work on this case in January of this year and immediately took the view that the Marriotts had been overcharged. Michael Lewin were entitled to make some deduction from Elaine and Geoff’s compensation, but what they had taken was too much.

By June, our partners were able to obtain a refund of £450 each for Geoff and Elaine, with Micheal Lewin Solicitors Limited paying their fees, so that the Marriotts received their refunds in full.

Where your claim(s) are successful following the issuing of proceedings, and Check My Legal Fees recover costs from your opponent, there will be no deduction at all in respect of our partner’s fees from your refund, or fee reduction. In those circumstances you will receive the benefit of your refund or fee reduction in full.

Where your claim(s) are successful but Check My Legal Fees cannot recover costs from your opponent (either because proceedings have not been issued or the court has not awarded costs) they will deduct a fee, in payment of their costs, which will not be more than 25% plus VAT (30% inc VAT) of each refund or reduction. If you fail to cooperate, provide misleading or dishonest information or breach the terms of your agreement, Check My Legal Fees may charge you for the work they have completed on your case(s).

Forces Compare has partnered with Clear Legal Limited to offer its clients the opportunity to seek a refund or reduction on the fees charged by their former solicitor following a personal injury claim. is a trading style of Clear Legal Limited. Registered in England & Wales under company number: 5990386

Clear Legal Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA number 469975.

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