Can You Insure Pets With Existing Conditions?

It may be more difficult to get pet insurance for an animal that already has an existing medical condition, but yes, it is possible.

You will find that unfortunately, the majority of pet insurers will not cover medical conditions, but some may make exceptions. For example, some insurers may cover your pet if it has medical problems in the past, usually past a minimum amount of time where the animal has been symptom free (typically two years).


What Conditions Are Covered by Pet Insurance?

Currently in the UK Pet insurance market, there are no companies that will cover chronic medical conditions. Chronic conditions refer to medical problems that are long term in nature, and are conditions that the animal may suffer from for the duration of their life. 

However, there are a range of insurers who will provide cover for a pet that has historic conditions. This means a condition that your pet has experienced in the past, but no longer suffers from.


Is It Possible to Get Insurance If Your Pet Is Ill?

Yes, it is possible to get pet insurance for your animal to cover them against injuries or illnesses that they could end up experiencing in the future. You can also get cover to protect your pet against things such as third party liability, death, loss and theft.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you cannot cover a pet for an existing condition.


Pet insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions FAQs

Is pet insurance for animals with pre-existing conditions more expensive? Yes, with a number of insurers, pet insurance can be more expensive if the animal has a historic condition, due to the greater likelihood of you having to make a claim in the future.

Are there exclusions for pet insurance with pre-existing conditions? Yes, some insurers will no longer provide death cover for a pet after it has reached a certain age. For example, if you have a dog or cat, this will usually when it reaches the age of eight years old.

What if my pet has a congenital condition? No, the majority of pet insurance policies will not cover a congenital condition. However, if your animal has been symptomless for a minimum of two years, it could be possible to get cover with certain insurers.

Can I get pet insurance for a pedigree pet, prone to illness? Yes, but you may find that cover with insurers for pedigree pets can be more expensive, and there are fewer options available.

Will an existing pet insurance policy cover new condition? Yes, but the length of time that an existing policy will cover any new medical conditions will depend on the policy you have. For example, if you have taken out life insurance, then your animal is covered for a specified amount each year.

Can I cover multiple pets in one policy? Yes, it is possible for you to do this, and it may work out cheaper than buying individual pet insurance policies.

What happens if I do not declare a chronic condition? If your pet has a chronic condition and it is not declared, these will be excluded from your policy, and may even invalidate claims you make in the future even if not directly related to the chronic condition.

What is the definition of an existing condition when it comes to pet insurance? An existing condition refers to an illness or injury that has occured prior to an insurance policy being taken out. This will also include anything you have seen a vet about prior to getting insurance.

Is pet insurance a legal requirement? No, but as pet insurance can help considerably when it comes to expensive things such as vet treatment, it is worth considering.

How can I claim on my pet insurance for existing conditions? If you need to make a claim, you will need to fill out a claim form and provide supporting documentation alongside it, which is then sent directly to your insurer.