Multi Car Insurance

If you or your family has more than one car, a Multi Car Insurance Policy will allow you cover up to 5 vehicles on one single policy and you can save up to a third on your car insurance for doing so!


Multi Car Insurance

Multi Car Insurance allows you to insure more than one vehicle on the same policy. Any driver can be added to the policy provided that they all live at the same address. A huge discount can be achieved through a Multi Car Insurance Policy so if you have a lot of cars parked in the driveway; it is certainly worth investigating further.

If you or your family have multiple vehicles, insuring them with a single provider can bring a host of benefits; it will often reduce costs, save time and minimise hassle.


What affects the cost of Multi Car Insurance Policies?

To ensure you get the best and cheapest multi car quote possible, we will ask you to provide a few basic details regarding the drivers and their vehicles – as these are factors that affect the cost of your policy:


The car insurance group

All cars belong to different car insurance groups ranging from 1-50 and the higher the category of the car, the most expensive the policy usually is. With this in mind, you must be careful when adding a number of vehicles to a Multi Car Policy as they could each belong to a different category.

For instance, one of the vehicles could be a classic car and benefit from a very specialist classic car policy.


Age of drivers – claims history

When assessing your quote, we will need to consider the age of all the drivers, their level of experience and claims history. Taking a young driver into consideration could lower the cost for them but make the premium more expensive for everyone else.


Multi Car Insurance vs individual policies

When finding you the best quote, we take all the factors mentioned into careful consideration. We do the maths for you and weigh up the cost of taking out an individual policy on your vehicle over a Multi Car option. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do so providing you with a cost effective solution is our number one priority.


Personal details

Your personal details can also affect the cost of your multi-car insurance policy. For example, it’s known that military personnel are often overcharged for their insurance, as many providers are unable to accommodate to the unique circumstances that come with those who serve. For serving members, it may help to explore military car insurance options.

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