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    If you need to take someone to court for a large claim (whether it is a company, individual, ex-employer), this can often be very expensive and things like legal fees, court fees and days off work can really start to add up. For this reason, a lot of people cannot fund their litigation costs and many good claims end up slipping away as a result.

    This is where litigation funding comes in. There are a number of third party funders who see your claim as being valuable and almost like security or an asset – and they are willing to provide you with all the litigation costs in exchange for a percentage of the winnings.

    Most litigation funders operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis – so they look at the strength of your case and only take a percentage if they win. There have been a number of cases where this has been successful and it is quickly becoming a growing trend in the UK and US.

    Key Features

    - Borrow up to £1 billion
    - Cover you legal and court costs
    - No win, no fee basis
    - Reduce your risk and maintain good cash flow
    - Funder takes a percentage of your claim

    Do I Need Litigation Finance?

    You always have the option to fund litigation yourself or through your company’s funds, but when cases are complex, they can often overrun and become very costly, racking up millions in legal fees.

    In fact, if you are taking on all the financial risk, it could have a significant impact to your company’s cash flow or your own personal income.

    If you need to take on a large firm or Director, you may need to raise £1 million+ to take them to court and if you have a strong case, this could be a viable reason to use litigation finance.

    What Can I Get Litigation Funding For?
    - Claims against a director
    - Class actions
    - Director disqualification
    - Dispute resolution
    - Debt claims
    - Insolvency advice
    - Misrepresentation
    - Shareholder disputes
    - Slander and defamation
    - Tax disputes

    Am I Eligible for Litigation Funding?

    Litigation finance is looked at on a case-by-case basis and our partners at Kramer Sullivan will take an individual view on your claim and offer guidance and expertise based on their years of hands-on experience.

    You typically need to have a strong case and a good chance of winning, so any evidence you can provide is always welcomed. The amount you are looking to claim should be a significant amount (starting from 6-figures) to make it worthwhile for any litigation funder.

    How Forces Compare Can Help

    We are working with renowned litigation finance company, Kramer Sullivan, who will be able to review your claim and provide the best plan of action to obtain funding to support your case.

    With a strong track record and openness to review any case, they can put you in the best position to help you finance your claim and earn the compensation you deserve.

    As a price comparison site originally set up to help the armed forces, we have a real speciality in serving claims and compensation for hard-working an innocent people. From travel claims, overcharged solicitor fees and claim refunds from Amigo, we have successfully helped thousands of people claim across the UK.

    How to Apply for Litigation Funding

    Simply call Kramer Sullivan on 0208 088 0665 and apply using the form provided. Someone from their team will be in touch with you within 24 hours and will discuss your claim further with you.

    If you have strength in your claim, they will help you package up your case and get it ready for funding. You are one step closer to getting the financial support you need.

    What if I Lose My Case?

    This is something that the litigation funding company takes into consideration beforehand and they accept that there is a potential risk of not winning the case. Working on a no win, no fee basis, they will usually accept any losses and you will not be liable.

    What Are the Fees?

    Litigation funders work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis – and they will provide you with the money upfront (or in stages) to fund your case. The fees you will incur going to court can include legal fees, expert fees, court fees, travel fees and any loss of income to the business.

    Does Funding Come With Indemnity Insurance?

    Yes, most litigation finance companies offer professional indemnity insurance with your case. So in case your lawyers or experts that you hire do not perform or act negligently, you can have insurance to cover their fees and limit your losses.

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