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Health insurance can help to cover the cost of private healthcare treatment if you become ill or injured.  When taking out a health insurance policy, you could get access to a variety of different treatments that might not be free on the NHS.

This type of cover can be a great investment to consider, coming with a range of different benefits to help you when taken ill or suffering from an injury.

You can compare health insurance policies with Forces Compare. We compare insurance quotes from our select group of specialist insurance providers, helping to find the cover that’s right for you.


Why Take Out Health Insurance?

There are many different benefits that can come from taking out health insurance. One of the main advantages to having this type of cover is that the waiting time is considerably less than that of the NHS. This means you’ll be seen a lot quicker than if you were to use the NHS, saving you both the time and pain of prolonged waiting hours when ill/injured.

With health insurance, you’ll also be able to have more choice on which hospital, clinic or consultant you’d like to use. This can help you to pick a facility that’s convenient for you, making healthcare a quicker and smoother process.

Even if you have health insurance, you’ll still have the right to use the NHS, meaning you’ll have more options to choose from when it comes to your healthcare.


What Does Health Insurance Cover?

The level of cover you get will depend entirely on the details of your insurance policy. Below is a list with some of the main things you can expect to be covered with health insurance:

  • Diagnostic treatments
  • Exclusive drugs
  • Outpatient care
  • Inpatient care
  • Hospital stays 
  • Private ambulances
  • Accommodation for family members

Some health insurance policies may also cover pre-existing conditions, however, this will only be a select few. It’s always best to check the terms and conditions of any policy you are considering, and find the one that best accommodates to your health needs.

It’s also worth noting that most health insurers will not cover you when traveling abroad. For this, Forces Compare customers should consider looking at our military travel insurance.

Some health insurers will need you to have a medical test before continuing on with the policy. This helps to make sure that the cover is right for you, however, not all insurers will require this. Some may simply ask you to sign a declaration about your health.


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of your health insurance will be dependent on a variety of different factors, including your current health, and the level of cover you’re looking for.

There are two main costs associated with health insurance, these being the premium and the excess. The premium is the monthly/annual amount you will be required to pay for the policy, whereas the excess is the additional, agreed amount you will have to pay when making a claim on this policy.

Most insurers will have a limit to the amount they can cover you for. This limit will be dependent upon a range of different factors, including the condition and the chosen treatment.


Why Compare Health Insurance With Forces Compare?

Forces Compare can help find a health insurance policy that’s right for you. We were founded to help those with unique circumstances (military personnel) to get the best deals on insurance and finance options.

Whilst founded initially for the armed forces, we are dedicated to helping not only those who serve, but also veterans and civilians. We want everyone to find cover that accommodates to their personal needs, at the best possible price.

Simply answer a few questions on the phone or online and you could get prices from a range of different providers. Compare covers easily with Forces Compare!