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If you’ve served within the army you will undoubtedly be able to relate to one of the following scenarios concerning holidays and leave; many of which may seem completely alien to anyone in civilian employment. Unlike the typical 9-5, the nature of military life is rather disorganised in structure, especially when it comes to block leave.

Pre deployment / Post deployment leave (POTL) is a given with most long overseas exercises including some nice downtime after a few months away in Kenya, the Falklands or Canada. During this process you’ll be informed that you will be away from a specific date and return on another highlighted date. With this in mind you may book a family holiday or go travelling with your friends. Whilst looking forward to your upcoming trip, out of the blue the RAF may have a flight issue for the return flights. This means you’re not coming home for another week, meaning that holiday will be going ahead without you. For many, no amount of sunshine in Kenya or Snow bathing in the Falklands is going to make up for the wasted holiday expense and excitement. With travel insurance for military personnel, at least your flights, accommodation and cancellation fees will be reimbursed.

When in the army and planning Summer leave, you are told weeks before when it will start, even on Part ones. Typically, you know leave starts on the 18th so you may book that trip you’ve been looking forward to planning on the 19th. Unfortunately, CoC admin attacks, just a few days before leave starts, company rotations have changed, now your company is on guard this weekend and no amount of bidding is helping you sell this guard. Just like that, adios Espana.

Finally take a moment to think would it be worth protecting your leave with military travel insurance, single guys can get cover from £30 per year, while family cover starts at £70. Also offers cover for Adventure training and those travelling with medical conditions.

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