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No Win No Fee Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

In 2021, over 15,000 cosmetic surgery procedures took place across the UK. There is an undeniable growing prevalence of cosmetic surgery across the country and the long list of available techniques grows on an almost yearly basis. 

All surgeries whether cosmetic or medical carry their own risks. Sometimes, despite exceptional training and proper procedures, negative outcomes result from a planned operation. However, if a person suffers a negative outcome as a result of negligence within the cosmetic field, a medical negligence claim can be pursued. 

Unfortunately, despite its popularity, cosmetic surgery is not as heavily regulated as many other medical disciplines. There is currently a significant problem with procedures being performed by inexperienced and insufficiently trained staff. When problems arise as a result of procedures, such professionals are unable to prevent and treat any complications. 

For those who endure poorly executed cosmetic surgery, the repercussions can be traumatising. A ‘botched’ cosmetic procedure can leave both mental and physical scars. A lawyer that is proficient in dealing with cosmetic surgery claims should be your first port of call should you believe negligence played a role in your negative outcome. Spend time researching a solicitors firm that has a proven track record of delivering results in such cases, with testimonials to back any claims up.

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims 

 Fantastic legal medical experts should be able to help you claim compensation in a range of circumstances. For example, clients who were improperly prepared for their procedure and were not fully aware of the associated risks may have a compensation claim. 

If the quality and standard of your procedure were not in keeping with what you expected you could have a claim if this was a direct result of negligence. 

If a defective product was used as part of your cosmetic surgery, for example, a damaged or faulty breast implant, you may also have a sound legal case. 

Proper and thorough aftercare is normally an imperative part of any cosmetic surgery, if you did not receive sufficient or correct aftercare interventions or instructions you could be a victim of medical negligence. 

The emotional and physical turmoil associated with negligent cosmetic surgery can be lifelong and devastating, with some outcomes being unfixable. With this in mind, making a cosmetic surgery claim can help fund corrective treatments and any potential counseling needs.  

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