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It’s not uncommon for military personnel to be registered to numerous addresses throughout their service. When you actually reflect upon it, every phone contract, insurance policy, bank account, and credit card has been linked to an address. 

It is highly unlikely that you have supplied the same credentials for each supplier due to the regular forces upheaval, and as such, your credit rating may have been negatively affected without your knowledge. 

For example, in a very brief time period, it would be very easy to register financial products at your parents or partners homes, a training establishment and battalion address. 

Failing to streamline your details could result in higher finance fees for products such as car finance and mortgages, or you could even be denied any form of credit. 

Through free services such as Experian credit report, you are able to quickly and easily identify and discrepancies within your credit report and make any such amendments. 

The best part of this tool, is that it’s completely free. 

You can review your connected address and make edits to your own credit report here.

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