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As a nation of animal lovers, many a household is devoted to a four-legged family member and there’s not much we wouldn’t do for our dogs here in the UK. 

Before adopting or buying a dog, responsible owners are well aware that the cost and care of a beloved companion can be very expensive.

In addition to the initial expense spent on a puppy or rescue, the cost of food, kennels, accessories and dreaded vet bills can soon add up. 


Britain’s Oldest Dog

Last year Britain’s oldest dog Charlie the Jack Russell passed away at the age of 23. Although Charlie was an exceptionally lucky and senior pooch, the average lifespan for many dog breeds in the UK varies between 12 and 16 years. 

Despite the fact that pets can become ill at any stage of their life, old age presents new ailments, medical complications, and costly treatments. 

It is inevitable that the type of illness or injury an older dog sustains will also affect the vet’s fees, sadly senior dogs are more prone to more issues and subsequent complications. Chronic conditions such as diabetes are much more expensive than an infection and the location of your home and vets can also affect costs too. 


The Cost of Veterinary Treatment

It’s no shock that surgery is one of the most expensive forms of treatment, with many operations averaging around £1500. A combination of blood tests and X-Rays to predetermine the need for surgery can also cost between £100 and £300, adding to the final bill. 

Published figures from the Association of British Insurers suggest that one in three pets require veterinary treatment each year, alternatively this could be interpreted as every pet will need treatment once every three years. 

Due to their often sudden and unexpected nature, vet bills are a struggle for most people to cover from their own finances alone.

Insurance offers a manageable way of taking care of your pets potential medical fees and a peace of mind when faced with both traumatic and expensive decisions. If you’re looking to compare dog insurance click here

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