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As squaddies we all moan about pay, but how much do we actually look after the money we make? How much do we make it work for us? Unbeknown to many, there are several great ways to make your wages go a little further. 

For those unfamiliar with cashback sites, they are an incredible way of receiving money back on your purchases through the use of affiliate links. 

Imagine for a moment you received just 5% cashback on your monthly spend. That soon ads up! 

The average soldier will have in excess of £1k in expendable income. On an annual basis, that would mean by the end of the year another £600 could be in your pocket for doing no additional work and simply buying smarter. 

Cashback sites are really simple, they allow you to search for the products or services you’d use anyway but rather than buying direct, they offer cashback for using their site. 

Have a browse today and receive an additional £10 on your first purchase. It’s completely free to join and takes under two minutes. 
Make your money work for you. QUIDCO

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