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Last year alone it is estimated that approximately £10 billion was spent on gambling within the UK. This astronomical figure is funded both seasonally by those enjoying one-off excitement at national events such as the grand national, and daily by those struggling with a crippling addiction.

Online betting services account for more than 40% of all gambling transactions and are particularly favoured by young people in the UK due to their accessibility. Those aged between 25 and 34 are the most likely to gamble across the country and subsequently most susceptible to developing an addiction.

One huge problem with gambling comes in the form of enticing ‘free’ money, spins and gaming tokens. Most, if not all gambling brands and affiliate sites offer tempting free bets and the chance to play initially with no strings attached. 

Despite there being a notable amount of young problem gamblers in the UK, men and women of all ages are being encouraged to review their own gambling expenditure even if it’s just a couple of leisurely bets. 

As a general rule, if you have had access to a loan and spent money from this lending on gambling you could be eligible for compensation. 

The very nature of gambling addictions stems from small transactions and when unchecked can result in increasing amounts of debt. 

Did you know, if you have ever used a payday loan, high interest loan or credit card to gamble you may be entitled to claim back any fees and charges paid on the credit? 


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