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Company, Battery, Squadron or Unit Subs, whatever you call them, we all hate paying them.

You know the sketch, every pay day like clockwork you receive a passive aggressive message from your Platoon Sergeant ‘politely’ requesting you pay subs and that ‘no one’s going home this weekend until subs have been paid’.

So, you pay your five pounds, in the hope at the end of your 22-year career you receive a statuette of some bloke you don’t even know, but you count yourself lucky, as many don’t even receive that.

No one has a clue where the remaining cash ends up and is still one of the British Army’s biggest kept secrets. So, if you know where it is located, please leave us a message in the comments section.

Here at Forces Compare we have done the maths for you, and you’d be surprised at what you could’ve purchased with that cash:

At just £5 a month, with interest and inflation added you’re losing out on £4,427 after a 22-year career. This system of collecting money has become so efficient, even the Mafia are starting to take interest in how it all works.


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Picture: MoD/Crown Copyright


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