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There’s no doubt that the current situation we are in as a nation is of generational importance. In addition to the lives that have and continue to be lost, the economic effects are barely fathomable.

The armed forces have been called on to assist where necessary, a key aspect of this is the command and control of the logistic element of distributing PPC. However, a very public achievement is converting the excel centre into a hospital with 4,000 beds in a matter of days.

While this is obviously a huge positive it does raise some questions on how the MOD operates as a whole. For example, how can an Army that builds a hospital with a weeks notice have a Defence estate that is falling to bits!

The army has everything needed to build a fully functioning hospital, but can’t square a pad away? Can’t maintain SLA? In my opinion the private sector / Carillon  have failed to provide a standard that allows those serving to be housed comfortably. It is time to take this in house.

Alfie Usher (Mr Dressing Gown UK 2020)

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