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British military senior officers have launched a new campaign in a bid to drive down
the number of their soldiers financially footing the bill after a rise in unwanted
Posters and digital content being displayed within Army barracks are warning junior
ranks, ‘The COST of a good night out, without a condom?’, after nights out boozing
in their local Garrison towns across the UK and abroad.
The latest Army health campaign details the eye-watering amounts in child support
payments that will be automatically docked from personnel’s monthly salary, if they
fail to financially support any of their children after a one-night stand or partake in
casual sexual encounters.

The Government’s Child Maintenance Service (CMS) department can take legal
action against any parent who refuses to pay child maintenance in full or misses a
payment and can request that your employer deducts the amount from your wages.
British Army doctors are also being encouraged to prescribe contraception as a
measure to prevent any unwanted offspring and to also reduce the spread of
increasing numbers of Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs and Sexually
Transmitted Diseases, such as, super-gonorrhoea, otherwise known as ‘the clap’,
which is plaguing its ranks.
This new antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhoea is also spreading like wildfire
throughout other UK cities and towns.
One Soldier based in Colchester Garrison who wishes to remain anonymous said:
“I’m not too worried about catching one of these STIs or STDs … I’ve most likely
caught worse drinking from a guardroom mug or eating food prepared by contractors
working in the Cookhouse.”
The British Army has been approached to provide comment.

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