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For those wanting to purchase a motorbike, it might be worth considering bike finance. This type of finance can help make buying a bike more manageable, with a variety of different finance and repayment options available.

At Forces Compare, we’ve partnered with Quick Car Finance, who offer a range of different financing options for your bike. You can apply for funds of £3,000 to £150,000 within a range of repayment periods – with 12 month loans to 84 months loans available, and excellent, good, fair or bad credit scores considered.


What Is Bike Finance?

Essentially, bike finance helps people purchase a bike. There are a range of different bike types you can use this finance on, including the following:


  • Motorbikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Motocross
  • Harley Davidsons
  • Classic bikes
  • Scooter finance
  • Sports bikes
  • Quad bikes
  • Mopeds


Customers can used bike loans to purchase a variety of different bikes, including but not limited to BMWs, Hondas, Ducatis, Suzukis and Harley Davidsons.

When applying for finance, you can rest assured that any dealership you choose will undergo a series of checks, making sure you get a top quality bike at the best price.


What Types of Bike Finance Are Available?

There are three main types of bike finance to choose from, these being – Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), and Unsecured Loan/Personal Loan.


Hire Purchase (HP) – requires a deposit: as the name suggests, hire purchase is when you hire a bike from a finance company, making regular, fixed repayments until the borrowed amount has been paid off. Once the repayment period is over, borrowers can then choose whether or not they want to keep hold of the bike. However, those considering this can only do so once an administrative fee (£1-£299 or over) has been paid. This type of finance is great for those who want to eventually own the bike outright.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – requires a deposit: with this type of finance, borrowers will make an initial deposit before beginning monthly repayments. Once the fixed repayment period comes to an end, borrowers then will then be given the option to buy the bike outright with a balloon payment, or return the vehicle. With this finance method, the higher the deposit at the start, the lower the repayments will be throughout the months.

Unsecured/Personal Loan: With this type of finance, the loan is not secured on anything, and will instead most likely rely on your other credit-worthy credentials, such as a high credit score and a stable, regular income. When using an unsecured/personal loan to purchase a bike, the funds will be sent to the dealer, and you will own the bike outright. Repayments on the loan will be required monthly, or can also be paid off in a lump sum.

You can get bike finance without needing a deposit, however, there may be conditions to this. For example, you might find that you will have to trade one of your existing vehicles as part of the deal.

Am I Eligible for Bike Finance?

Any type of bike finance you find through us will most likely have eligibility criteria. This can include the following:


  • A good credit score
  • A stable income/job
  • Residence in the UK
  • A good history of past borrowing (including previous car finance repayments)


Whilst these qualities can be desired in applicants, they are not always needed, with some finance options considering those with bad and fair credit histories as well as those with good/excellent ones.

You can check eligibility in less than 5 minutes – simply fill in you details and receive a no-obligation quote.


Why Apply for Bike Finance With Forces Compare?

Forces Compare are dedicated to helping those who are overcharged get a better deal, and this is the same ethos that drives our partner Quick Car Finance. By using our services, you can find the best deals to suit your circumstances, with no arrangement fees and no deposit options available.

So, what are you waiting for? Find great deals on bike finance today!

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