Army insurance
Military Car Insurance: The Key Facts
July 20, 2019
Army insurance
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July 31, 2019

Military motor insurance – 10 reasons to use an Armed Forces friendly broker.

Army insurance

Included as standard in their policies.

  • On base cover. (no military exclusions)
  • Free business use to validate JPA claims.
  • Laid up cover.
  • Special discounts (upto 80% rebate when vechile behind the wire) when deployed for over 28 days.
  • Includes free breakdown cover and key cover.
  • Flexiable payment options.
  • Cover avalible¬†for UK (Inc NI) British forces Germany and SHAPE.
  • 365 days green card cover.
  • A broker that understands your service, and your unqie needs when it somes to your insurance needs.

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